Leave Request Form Template

Under the Family and Medical Leave Act or FMLA, employees have the right to request a leave under certain circumstances and with certain requirements. Even though the policies can be a bit different in each company, the core of the policy is true throughout the nation. In order to be able to leave the job for certain period of time, an employee has to fill out leave request form and then submit it. The process, even though seem very simple, needs several steps to be completed. All the procedure is regulated under the FMLA.

Leave Request Form Word Template
Leave Request Form Word Template

Leave Request Form Content

If you do not have an experience of making a leave request form, you can se below the content of a standard form of leave.
1. The name of the employee. Identify yourself on the form, from which department are you.
2. Dates of leaves. Write up the dates you plan to leave, from when to when.
3. Reason of Leaves. Depending on what leaves you are taking, write the reasons why you have to take a leave. The reasons could be because you are sick, because you have to take care of family who is sick, or because you need to have a medical check up.
4. Signs. Spare two space for your sign and then the approval sign.

Most company have their own templates for employee leave from, you should check the HR department whether they have one or not. There are also companies that already has a leave form template posted on a page on there website and all form of leaves might be posted there. Check the website also to make sure of it.

Types of Leave Request

There different types of request that ab employee is allowed to ask. Here are some of them.
1. Vacation Leave. The vacation leave will be issued automatically after a certified employee have been working for certain period of time. Usually, an annual leave will be granted for an employee that has been working for full twelve months since they start working at the company.
2. Sick Leave. This is the quite the same as the FMLA leaves which issued when the employee is sick, has to take care of a sick family member, have to do some medical check up, and several other reasons.
3. Administrative Leave. Administrative leave is granted for permanent employee annually in time of emergencies and for religious holiday.

Below are leave request form templates that you can use for free if you couldn’t find your company official leave request form. Or, you can use it if you want to renew your official form or just want to create a new one since you are building a new company.

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