Lease Agreement Template

Lease agreement known by many other names such as tenancy agreement, lease rental agreement, lease from, and the lease contract. But all these names have the same definitions and functions. This agreement contains the rights and obligations of the property owner and the tenant. The tenants can also use this agreement when you want to rent property (real estate or apartment) but do not want to be tied to property taxes, insurance, and so on.

Lease Agreement Template for Word
Lease Agreement Template

The lease agreement template also includes:
Then when you are going to rent or rent out your property, then it is better if you use a lease agreement template. This document includes the agreement of the two parties, namely tenants and property owners so that this document is also called a physical form that the tenant has been negotiated and agreed with the property owner. Lease agreement includes the details of the property, tenant background, and the terms of the property owner.

This document also includes:
•    The duration of the contract.
•    Rental price to be paid and the method of payment
•    The possibility of rental rates will increase
•    Basic rules such as the provision of smoking, bringing pets, or make the property as office
•    Additional costs to be paid in case of damage, delay paying the rent, and the electricity bills
•    And many more.
It is highly recommended if the property owner and the tenant have a copy for each.

When can you use the lease agreement template?
Basically, this document can be used when you intend or have a property rental business so that any property you rented is having a physical evidence of the document. Any kind of rental properties can be a house, condo, basement suite, townhouse, any living space, apartment, mobile home, duplex, and rent-to-own option. Even this document can also be applied when you share a house or a room with other people, in order to share what the right and obligations of each renter.

Who does need the lease agreement template?
Why you need a lease agreement document? Because when you have to deal with the property rental or residential rental, of course, you must have physical evidence of a valid document which includes the rights and obligations of tenants and property owners in outline. Then this document is very useful for tenants who need a rented house, homeowners who rent property, and everyone who works in the field of leasing property.

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