Land Contract Template

Land contract or often called as contract for deed is a contract and agreement of sale and purchase of property (in this case is a real estate). Then the people or seller who will sell the property is going to hire a deed (notary, lawyer, or other authorities) to detain the properties until the second party or the buyer pay or deliver money to a certain nominal which already listed in the agreement. When the buyer has handed over the money and property rights has been in the hands of the buyer, the seller has the right to postpone some of the properties and it will be given to the buyer if the whole payment has to be written off. The land contract will be important and you can use it when the buyer cannot pay the real estate or property you are selling in lump-sum paid.

Land Contract Template for Word
Land Contract Template

The overall definition of land contract template is a document that contains information about the property being sold, the price of the property, the seller and the buyer of the property, and the type of payment which has been agreed by two parties. At most, land contract also contained some other details such as insurance, the amount of the lease interest, property taxes, penalties if you late to pay the loan, and the default authorities.

You should use a land contract template if you are or will make buying and selling property, especially when the buyer has declared that he or she will repay or pay a sum of money as a down payment. Usually, the buyer will pay the rest on the seller in a monthly basis. Sellers can also use the land contract when property buyers have less good track record in the loan stuff, a job with less promising monthly salary, lower down payment, or the buyer has a high loan in elsewhere, just in case it will be shortcoming for the sellers.

Rights and obligations in Land Contract template
The land contract also included the obligation of the seller and the buyer of the property. As we discussed at the beginning of the article, the seller will postpone the several property rights to the buyer until the property has been paid in full. Then the seller must also be responsible for the taxes and property insurance which are still not given to the buyer.

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