Janitor Job Description Template

Janitor’s primary responsibility is as a cleaner. But nowadays, there are several non cleaner job are being assigned to janitors due to time efficiency. It depends on your organization or company where you are working. So, you have to read your job description thoroughly to avoid any misunderstanding with your new employer.

Janitor Job Description Template for Word
Janitor Job Description Template

Below are duties and responsibilities which you might accomplished when you are working as a janitor:

  1. Brushing with brooms all the dust on the floor, private stairways and vacuuming the areas with carpet as well as moping the tiles floor with mop
  2. Buffing and cleaning all of the metal hardware fixtures those are being used and added the bright work
  3. Cleaning and emptying all containers used for waste
  4. Cleaning and emptying all of the ash trays and keep all the sand urns supply and restore the sand when required
  5. Cleaning the glass of the entry door from the inside and outside
  6. Cleaning and damp mop the exterior of entry area
  7. Cleaning, sterilize and washing all of the water coolers
  8. Clean, damp or wash the spillage seen in community areas of the office rooms as necessary as it can be done
  9. Clean and polish the tile floor appropriately as necessary as it needs to be done
  10. Clean all the dust from the charts, graphs, image frames and also wall hangings such as a painting
  11. Clean all the dust from the outside surfaces of the light fixtures as well as glass and the plastic enclosures of the fixtures

There are several more item you can read in Microsoft Word file that you can download below. And you are free to add some new jobs or erase some irrelevant jobs.