Janitor Cover Letter Template

Janitor is a person who have a responsibility to clean any indoor buildings. They are also called cleaners, and nowadays are organized by companies whose focusing in housekeeping business or organized by building owner itself. This is a kind of position which will grow if you see new buildings or apartments are built every year. If you think you want to apply for Janitor position and looking for a cover letter sample, you can read one sample below.

Janitor Cover Letter Template for Word
Janitor Cover Letter Template

Dear Sir,

I was excited to fill the position of janitorial full-time advertised recently in website of BurgerS. I am convinced that my background in cleaning as well as my skill of communication will contribute a success in your Department of Housekeeping and continued with the satisfaction of customers.

I believe that my experience and my enthusiasm in working and become a part of BurgerS will become a great asset for the company. I look forward to discuss my skills and qualification in-person with you in the near future.

I will be available via phone (313) 131-3131 and email at janitorapplicant@jobvacant.com. Thank you for your time and consideration.


The Microsoft Word version which is ready to be personalized with your own information can be downloaded below.