Weekly Time Sheet Template

As a business owner, there are many things that you need to notice so that you could assure your business works properly. The most important thing in business is how to increase your profit and improve your business performance. There are many factors that will determine your business performance. One of the most essential is productivity. Your employees are the main thing that related to your business productivity. If you have good quality employees, you could increase your productivity and could improve your achievements as well.

Weekly Time Sheet Template

The quality of your employees will determine the quality of your business. There are many factors you should notice when you want to improve the quality of your employee. Their skill is the most important thing that you should notice and so is their loyalty. But many business owners consider that discipline as the most essential thing about your employees that could determine the quality of your business. Without proper discipline, your employee wouldn’t be able to have good productivity. And talking about discipline, your employees’ schedule is the main concern about this issue.

Employees’ schedule is arranged based on their work. And to check this schedule properly, you could use time sheet, a sheet that would tell you what time your employees come to your workspace and what time they leave the workplace. Basic time sheet will contain the name of the employees, their department and their supervisor. There’s also a table with six columns that contain specified date, start time, end time and total hours of their schedule. Filling this sheet will help you monitoring your employees and see their performance properly.

This form below is weekly time sheet template. You can extend by adding more rows if you want to have biweekly time sheet template. There are signature boxes below the table. You can use or erase it if you don’t need it.

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