Hotel Manager Job Description Template

As Hotel Manager, you must serve all your hotel guests well. You also need to comfort all of your hotel employees to make sure they serve their guests well. Different hotels require different tasks that needs to be fulfilled by hotel manager. But, there are common tasks that usually must be handled by every them.

Hotel Manager Job Description
Hotel Manager Job Description Template

Hotel Manager Duties and Responsibilities :

  1. Pay attention to both of the employees and the guest of the hotel. It means that the hotel manager should be able to understand what is going on to any people involved in the hotel so that anything may go appropriately on the business.
  2. Hiring qualified employee to work for the hotel. The hiring process should be based on the capabilities that any applicants can perform for the hotel. The job assignment should be distributed perfectly to each applicant.
  3. Managing and monitoring any accounts available on the hotel. Such responsibility should be conducted flawlessly.
  4. Appoint the teams of each departments of the hotel to perform good working activity and gaining report from them.
  5. Choosing any employee to receive their promotion if they really deserve it. The need of good managerial and personal understanding may be required then.
  6. Receiving and understanding any complaints of the guests sent to the hotel management. Such complaints should become the method in how you can enhance the quality of the hotel.
  7. Making sure that the standard quality of the hotel cleanliness as well as the health aspect is well persevered and maintained.
  8. Must be able to personally welcome any incoming VIP guests of the hotel. Such VIP guests deserve your warm welcome indeed.
  9. If there are any events occurring on the hotel, the hotel manager should be able to manage anything well so that such events don’t even disturb the guests.
  10. Reporting any information and progress of the hotel to the owner directly.

There is a written job description in Microsoft Word format that you can download below.