Gym Instructor Job Description Template

Gym Instructor job description template is a word template filled with duties and responsibilities for gym instructor. It should be useful for you who are looking for any references on what type of tasks you must accomplish regularly.

Gym Instructor Job Description Template
Gym Instructor Job Description Template

You can find some of job description examples below.

  • Attracting all people to do fitness or gym exercises
  • Design the new style of fitness or gym programs so all people will not feel bored with their fitness exercises.
  • Ensure all gym equipment are in good condition and request to change with the new one when the gym equipment is in bad condition
  • Ensure the safety for all clients and all members
  • Recruit new clients in order to add people to have healthy lifestyle
  • Operate the fitness machine and teach all people in class how to use the fitness machines in safe way.
  • Giving free consultation for all members about fitness, health, injury management, and also exercises in a home
  • Advise all people about exercises, injury and also common sport
  • Maintenance all fitness equipment
  • Conducting health awareness campaigns and also educational seminars
  • Deliver messages about healthy lifestyle
  • Introduce new classes of fitness program to new members
  • Monitor the result of your members fitness exercises
  • Ensure all places and machines before all things are used by your members
  • Develop exercise and also workshop about healthy lifestyle
  • Develop diet plans for all people who want to look slim with diet plan and also personal exercises
  • Monitor the misuse of fitness equipment
  • Ensure the safety hazard for all gym tools
  • Making report about client progress when they take fitness course
  • Doing exercises regularly and giving examples about healthy lifestyle so people will want to do fitness center

Written job description above may not cover all of your tasks. And it should be different from gym to gym places.