Graphic Designer Job Description Template

Nowadays, there are plenty of companies that are looking for Graphic Designer employees. It is needed because market competition is high and any products require better marketing material to attract more buyers. With the raise of internet, having a very good advertising material should make particular products known widely without any physical limitation. If you are Graphic Designer person, you might understand your tasks before applying for that job.

Graphic Designer Job Description
Graphic Designer Job Description

Here are list of tasks for that job.

  1. Understand all designs that are needed by the clients
  2. Produce and also prepare all presentations and proposal for clients
  3. Develop all and new designs or projects based on the client wants
  4. Work all designs from clients
  5. Fast do modification or give feedback to the client
  6. Identify and use appropriate software to design the best graphic for clients
  7. Update the clients changes, progress and also adjustment
  8. Do and handle all Documents carefully
  9. Collaborate with some staffs when handle complex projects so it will save time and also get maximum result too.
  10. Ensure the final design and make sure the quality of the design that you made
  11. Convey or Submit information via visual
  12. Promote designs of certain products or services in the good and attractive presentation
  13. Sending the latest design to all clients and make sure to get feedback from the clients as soon as possible
  14. Creating brochures, catalogues and other advertisements
  15. Impressing the clients with the product design with the creativity and ability
  16. Consulting with other staffs to get best design of product or advertisement
  17. Consulting about budget of the design and calculate all things
  18. Design new project that is unique and always fresh
  19. Offer the designs to other clients and make sure that they order design again to you
  20. Creating web design to help client increase the popularity of their website
  21. Analyze the client demand and market demand of favorite product design

You can add more tasks or remove jobs that are not included by your employers.