Gantt Chart Template

A Gantt chart is a handy chart that is used to make sure that the schedule of a certain project is maintained properly and at a reasonable pace. Invented by a management consultant named Henry L. Gantt in 1920, the chart has been proven to be useful in managing project schedule. Because a project can be broken down into several separate tasks, each task can be further broken down into separate subtasks, and each subtask can have its own schedule that is represented by a bar on a Gantt chart, the approximate time frame for the entire project can be planned and the estimated time to complete the project can be predicted. With proper execution, a Gantt chart can really make sure that a certain project can be carried out efficiently and cost-effectively.

Gantt Chart Template for Word
Gantt Chart Template for Word

What makes a Gantt chart handy is that it is easy to create. Formerly, people use paper, pencil and ruler to draw the table and the bars. Today, however, a Gantt chart can be made in no time using a word-processing program. This Gantt chart template is used for that purpose. By using this template, a Gantt chart can be created using Microsoft Word.

Do I Need This Gantt Chart Template?

Gantt chart can be used in any kinds of project. If you are dealing with one, you can mostly use this template. This Gantt chart is particularly useful for you if:
1. You are a project manager who needs to make sure that the project you manage is scheduled properly and executed at a reasonable pace.
2. You are a handyman who is working on a certain craft and wants to make sure that your job is completed at a scheduled time.

What Does this Gantt Chart Template Contain?

This Gantt chart contains the following elements.
1. A table with its row header indicating time frame and its column header indicating tasks
2. Tasks that are broken down into several subtasks
3. Empty field in the center where bars indicating the predicted length of a certain task can be drawn

A Gantt chart is useful because it allows the scheduling of a certain project to be easier and more convenient to manage. It presents the graphical representation of such planning, allowing its users to gain a quick snapshot of how the project is scheduled. The chart is also useful because it can be used to monitor project’s performance and to make sure that every task and subtask is accomplished within the scheduled time frame.

Below there are two models of Gantt Chart template that you can download.

  Gantt Chart Template for Word - Month Based (18.7 KiB, 719 hits)

  Gantt Chart Template for Word - Week Based (18.8 KiB, 689 hits)