Fund Manager Cover Letter Template

Fund Manager is type of risky job. As a fund manager, you will have a responsibility to find clients to invest their money in your company. You also have to become their financial advisor to make sure that they will agree to invest to particular financial instrument. Most common instrument is stock trading. Here, you have to be smart on finding the right stocks to purchase and sell.

Fund Manager Cover Letter
Fund Manager Cover Letter

But, you may get bored or think that your take home pay or bonus is not as high as expected. That’s the point where you might think about moving company. You can start writing your resume but don’t forget to write an appealed cover letter that will attract your employer HR Manager to read your resume.

Below is one sample of fund manager cover letter.

Dear Mr. Johnstone:

I am writing to apply for the position of a Fund Manager as advertised on the  Along with my MBA and also Bachelor of the Accounting from Eastern Arizona College and a year of experience in different capacities, I am very confident with my ability to effectively contribute to your company. I am creative and I always try to make portfolio that is suitable with client’s need.

I have been the Fund Manager for last 4 years in Brokerage Consultant Inc, New York. Brokerage Consultant Inc, New York is trusted financial services and security investment for all people. This company will give big impact to the trading cost. With my education background, I always know some databases such as Hyperion, IRESS, Bloomberg and other things. I am excellent in working individually and I can work with other people too. I know more about Australian market dynamics too. I have additional skill because I posses mandarin language skill too.

I attach my resume so you can read all things in detail. I can be contacted at (02)6666 8887. I Look forward to hearing from you soon and discuss about the position.


This is just a sample. You may write a better one that should tell about your achievement in a more attractive words.