Simple Grocery List Template

Okay, now is weekend. You have to fill out your almost empty refrigerator with all food and ingredient that you will need for next week. So, it’s grocery time. Going to grocery is easy to do. However, remember everything that you want to buy is different, except you have Einstein’s brain. So, the easiest way to remember everything that you must buy at grocery is making a list. And, this grocery list is common thing that most of people do when they want to buy product at grocery store.

Grocery List Template for Word

You can make it on a piece of paper by writing down all the things you want to buy. But, that’s not cool. And, it’s wasting your time to write everything you want to buy, especially if you buy lot of thing. So, how about you use this simple grocery list template? You just need to print it and you don’t need to hand write all the products you want to buy. Just type it on your laptop and you have the grocery list that you need. It’s lot easier.

This simple template has 3 columns and every column has many rows where you can type the name of the product you want to buy at grocery store. On the left of each row, there’s checkbox to short the product that you have got easier. The columns is editable, you can change it size or delete it if it’s too many. You can also put your picture 🙂 or anything inside. Then, you print and make some copies. Put it in your home drawer or any place that is easy to access. So, anytime you need it, you can directly know where to find it.

Have a nice shopping and cooking.

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