Home Inventory List Template

House is a great place, where you can spend most of your time. But, have you ever thought about the reason why your house becomes a great place like that? One of the most logical reasons is because you place many things inside your house that can make your house become a comfortable place, like furniture, decoration, lighting and many more. It would be interesting, if you know everything that you put inside your house. If that so, you can start to inventory your belonging. You can use this home inventory template

Home Inventory Template

This isn’t only useful, for finding out about what kinds of thing that you have in your house. This inventory list also can become great reference to estimate your house value, if you want to sell it or get home insurance. And, if you move to new house, this home inventory list can help you to package all of stuff that you want to carry to your new house. So, you will be freed from stressful and complicated moving problems that most of people have.

It has many columns for writing down about the room where you put your stuff, item name, brand, category, price, date and store where you purchase the item, serial number, warranty, extra notes and insurance. Basically, this template has all columns that you need for inventorying your stuff. You can add more columns or information on this editable template.

Use this home inventory list template to record all of your belongings. This list should be useful when :

  1. You plan to move house/room/apartment where you don’t have to list all of your items again
  2. You’ve been stolen and you want to get insurance of those stolen items
  3. You plan to sell some of your items and you want to know the book value of those items
  4. You want to repair damaging items and you want to know whether they are still in warranty period
  5. You just need it for other purposes 🙂

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