Checkbook Register Template

Sometimes it is rather frustrating to keep up with the check balance all week manually, by using calculator or other similar devices and paper. In addition, it still takes time to balance the checkbook because you have to know the amount of money in the bank account as well as the allocation. Checkbook Register, in this case, will help you managing the check much better. By using this register, you will be able to control the budget allocation, check the expenditure, avoid any bank errors, etc. in a simpler way.

Checkbook Register Template for Word

If you are familiar with Microsoft Word, you can follow steps below to create your own checkbook register :

  • Open a new document in Microsoft Word
  • Put a title in the top part of the document: ‘Checkbook Register‘, followed by five different points: the name, the checkbook period, the beginning balance, statement balance, and checkbook balance.
  • Create a table consisting of several columns to wrap up some necessary details along with the rows for each

What details to be put in each column? Generally, there are some things related to transaction and the check balance, those are date of transaction, Item #, Type, Category, Payee (or the person who receive the payment from you), Description, Debit, Credit and Balance.

To use Checkbook Register, firstly, you should check your balance in your bank accounts or others to be put in ‘beginning balance’. Then, record each transaction that you make and write the details in the available Checkbook Register’s columns as mentioned above. Lastly, check the balance after transaction regularly in order that you are always informed with the current balance.

Template below is a blank checkbook register template created in Microsoft Word. You can download, modify and print it. You can print several copies of this template and start to type your own financial record offline. Once you finished typing all your financial record within one month period, you can type it again in your computer and you can put your offline sheet in your document binder.

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