Event Coordinator Cover Letter Template

Event coordinator is a job to plan and organise specific events, such as parties, wedding receptions, new product launches, banquets, conference, meeting etc. As a career, event coordinator is a relatively new career field. Basically, there is no official certification or degree required for this field. Eventhough there are several training might be available which designed to help event coordinator to learn how to handle all the pressure and work efficiently since this career deals with a lot of communication and organization aspects. For example, they must plan the event from the scratch, they have to think about the theme, budget, dates, location, etc and they have to match all the plan with their clients.

Event Coordinator Cover Letter Template for Word
Event Coordinator Cover Letter Template

If you have succeeded on organizing such events, especially big events, you should put the most important one in your cover letter when you decide to find a new job in other company to attract the HR Manager in that company to read your resume and give you a chance for an interview. Below is a sample of cover letter that should give you an idea on how to make your own cover letter.

Dear Sir,

Here I want to apply for the advertised position of Event Coordinator in your company. I have accomplished my bachelor degree in Public Relation two years ago; which I believe will contribute a lot to my future job as an event coordinator.

I think I can fulfill the requirements needed by your company. I have almost two years experience in Chicaventure, the biggest event organizer in Chicago, as a professional event coordinator. I am also an energetic person, the character which helps me much in organizing certain event. Besides, I am a detail-oriented multitasking person, so that you can leave more than one responsibility to me. 

I am enthusiastic to become a part of your company, so I would like to have a deeper discussion about this position. You can call me at (999) 333-0000. I am really looking forward to hearing from you.


You can download also a Microsoft Word version below to speed up your writing process. You should modify it to avoid HR people think that you are using the ready-made template :).