Daily Vehicle Inspection Checklist

Safety is the most important thing that really should be considered when we are about to ride any vehicle. That is why, every time, you must check your vehicle. At the service station, you can have the vehicle check-up. But it would be better if you could check it by yourself every day. In some transportation companies, they run the daily check for all vehicles, every single day. That is why; they need the Daily Vehicle Inspection Checklist.

Daily Vehicle Inspection Checklist Word Template
Daily Vehicle Inspection Checklist Word Template

In a transportation company, there will be hundreds of cars that need to be checked every day, and the checking process might be carried out by different persons. To make sure that they can check the car efficiently, and to ensure that there won’t be any skipped parts, they should take note inside the Daily Vehicle Inspection Checklist.

All the parts of the vehicle that should be checked have been stated on the Daily Vehicle Inspection Checklist. The checkers will only need to check and put a tick mark on the column as a sign that the part has been inspected and works properly. If it doesn’t work properly, the checkers will write some note on the checklist. The checklist is truly important to ensure the safety of the drivers and the passengers who use the vehicle.

Update all written item in this template to meet your inspection item. Different type of vehicles might need more item to be inspected, especially if you are handling wide range of car models, from 90s to current year models.

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