Customer Service Cover Letter Template

Becoming a customer service staff is one of the job which could be applied by many people with many different education background. As long as you are mature emotionally and can communicate with people fluently, your will have a good chance to pass on interview stage for that position. But, before you are being called for an interview, you should submit your personal documents covered by a letter which should give the employer a brief introduction about yourself as you can read in sample below.

Customer Service Cover Letter Template for Word
Customer Service Cover Letter Template

Dear Sir,

I am writing to apply for the position of Customer Service as advertised by your company. I have graduated from diploma school majoring in administration with some experiences on customer service. I master the customer service knowledge along with its practices and principles.

In addition, I also have the ability which is necessary to perform as an excellent customer service officer. I am good in talking with people in term of delivering services to them. Besides, I also possess good initiative, adaptability, interpersonal skill, and high tolerance to stress; which I guess will be advantageous for my job.

I hope that I can get the position in your company and contribute my ability plus my customer service experiences to the development of your company. I’d be happy to discuss more about this job. You can contact me at (999) 333-0000. I’m looking forward to hearing further information from you.


The Microsoft Word version of Customer Service cover letter template that you can customize with your own words can be downloaded below.