Cover Letter, Resume and Job Description for Human Resources Staff

Human Resources Staff is a job that requires special skills in the beginning. Because they have to do tough tasks on recruiting, training and monitoring employees in any companies. Big companies require certain degree in Psychology to be part of their Human Resources Department since they have to solve any human resources issues regularly.

If you plan to apply for the job, you might looking for references on creating cover letter and resume. You can read these samples below to give you ideas to create your own. You can download the templates as your foundation to write your own. And there is a job description template where you can read what general duties and responsibilities that a human resources staff have to accomplish. All templates are created with standard format and fully editable by using Microsoft Word.

Cover Letter for Human Resources Staff Position

Human Resources Staff Cover Letter Template Word
Human Resources Staff Cover Letter Template

Dear Mr. Johnstone,

I am pleased to apply for the Human Resource position of your company, which was recently advertised in Weekly Tribune newspaper. I believe that I can fulfill the requirements you have set for that position.

I had my Bachelor degree in Industrial Psychology in 2011 and I have been working in the same field since my graduation. My skills for beating the challenge in human resource job field are able to meet your expectation. I like to learn about people. And I have outstanding communication skill which will be very useful as human resource officer. Besides, I am also an enthusiastic person, full of innovation, and able to work both individually or in a team.

I would be happy to have further discussion about this position with you in detail. I can be called at (999) 333-0000. I am looking forward to hearing from you.


Resume for Human Resources Staff Position

Objective :

Searching for a human resource position in a company which is employee-oriented; willing to develop culture which emphasizes more on employee’s quality, high performance, and continues improvement for the employee.

Summary of Qualifications:

• Six months working experience as a human resource assistant
• A year experience as human resource officer
• Good command in English, both oral and written; also intermediate proficiency in French and Germany
• Profound knowledge to document and record; manually and also electronically
• Experienced in training and educating employees
• Good performance of customer services jobs
• Proven ability to prepare presentation
• Demonstrated ability of holding effective communication
• Computer literate; able to operate the latest version of Microsoft Office, familiar to internet and web browsing


• Providing the company with effective recruitment system
• Granted with The Best Employee Award of the Semester– August 2012


December 2011 – Present
Nebraska State Government – Lincoln, NE
Human resource
• Perform human resource duties
• Handle recruitment process from advertising the job up to interview
• Supervise the performance of employee
• Do monthly evaluation on employee’s working performance and discipline
• Manage the employees’ database
• Schedule and prepare trainings for the employees
• Design the human resource system as asked by the company
• Perform other additional office duties when required

June – November  2011
Marriot Hotel – Chicago
Human resource assistant
• Help the department to do human resource duties
• Manage the employee database
• Partially responsible for employee recruitment
• Make reports on employee performance development
• Help the department to organize employee training and workshops


Bachelor Degree in Psychology – May 2011

Special Skills:

• Outstanding interpersonal skills
• Superb communication skill
• Good in analysis skill
• Excellent comprehension of human resource principles and law
• Proven ability and confidence of handling the employees

You can use the professional resume template to write your own resume based on references above. There are other resume format templates you can browse before using the most suitable one.

Job Description for Human Resources Staff

Human Resources Staff Job Description Template Word
Human Resources Staff Job Description Template

Duties and Responsibilities:

  1. Make the design and advertise job vacancy opened by the company
  2. Perform recruitment tasks, from the administration selection, selecting the candidates, interview, until the introduction for the new employees
  3. Work with the other departments in case of liaising with all employees in certain policy area, like the employee performance, the safety, and the health
  4. Handle the salary reviews
  5. Plan and execute employee training program after analyzing what they need
  6. Analyze the employee performance regularly
  7. Develop human resource strategies to increase the employee working performance
  8. Implement as well as develop policies for issues related to performance management, disciplinary procedure, absence management, working atmosphere, and equal opportunity
  9. Provide the employee with assistance of human resource law
  10. Prepare reports which can be accessed by the company directors about the development of the employee