Confidentiality Agreement Template

Confidentiality Agreement Template is require when the sensitive and important information need to share between the parties and it is become the good idea to use confidentiality agreement. This agreement will help both of parties to formalize their relationship and give protection for the parties if the information that not to be released and know by public is released.

Confidentiality Agreement Template
Confidentiality Agreement Template

What Are Type of Confidentiality Agreement?
The confidentiality agreement type divided into several types.
• The simply confidential agreement that is very simple and straightforward. This agreement is drafted primarily and use for individual use that wishing for disclose information that require to keep and hidden from any public or individual.
• The second type is other simple confidential agreement that use for business or group purposes.  In this agreement, the confidential information should not release to other group entity.
• The next type is standard confidentially, agreement that appropriate for condition where the confidential information receipt is become the business savvy individual or the business group or the entity. This is the traditional confidential agreement that more complete from simple agreement contract. This is what are the companies are expect for the confidential agreement.
• The next type is mutual confidentially agreement. This is traditional agreement which including for general provisions and business establish that expect to see. This is confidential agreement that appropriate for user to use and exchange the confidential information.

The use for confidential agreement
Confidential agreement performs several uses.  The first is this agreement will protect any sensitive technical or information disclosure from others and public that not has interest. The receive information should promise that the information will not revealed and if this is happened the injured party are able to claim due to the contract and able to charges  as suit as the contract. The second function is, the confidential agreement can prevent from any forfeiture of patent rights value. The third, this confidential agreement will define what information that able to disclose and what that cannot disclose. These agreements are usually specifically classify the information that non-disclose as confidential.

What Should Include in Confidential Agreement.
In confidential agreement, you need to include for the time where the disclosure agreement is made and the period where the information in need to keep and maintained. The confidential agreement should contain the provision state that no implied for any technology license or any information that granted to the receive should be return back upon the request and end of the period. Therefore, both of parties need to consider and establish for several condition that will be use for their agreement.

One sample of confidential agreement can be downloaded below. It is for reference only.

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