Computer Technician Job Description Template

This duties and responsibilities below are samples of computer technician job description. If you are applying for this position, the job description could be different from your former company. It could be more or less depends on the size of company or its computer department. But, always give your best wherever you work without thinking the differentiation between your new and previous company.

Computer Technician Job Description Template for Word
Computer Technician Job Description Template

Duties and responsibilities :

  1. Ensuring proper function of users’ computer, software and any peripherals.
  2. Be able to listen to any customers’ problems patiently.
  3. Maintain the quality of teaching and assistance.
  4. Perform test to customers’ computer and find out what’s wrong.
  5. Update and install computer’s peripherals and software.
  6. Update and install server.
  7. Ensure the administration, security and maintenance of the hardware.
  8. Diagnose, specify and treat the problems in costumers’ computer.
  9. Write various procedures and technical documents.
  10. Provide any user supports for any equipment and software.
  11. Maintain the web-based programs.
  12. Assist in preparing procedures for reporting.
  13. Maintaining procedures for logging.
  14. Upholding and monitoring computer’s performance statistic.
  15. Documenting any hardware failure.
  16. Documenting any hardware repair and removal.
  17. Support development of new computer’s project.
  18. Develop strategies and planning to meet future hardware needs.
  19. Planning the computer network.
  20. Provide designing and implementation of computer network.
  21. Provide connection for various computers in a network.
  22. Provide internet connection using dial-up connection or any types of modem.
  23. Perform test to any new types of computer, peripherals and software.
  24. Eliminate any possible threat to customer’s computer.
  25. Give a user friendly explanation to customers about their computer situation.
  26. Provide the best solution for any problems occurred to customers’ computer

You can download the Microsoft Word version of this job description below.