Chef Job Description Template

A chef is a highly trained and skilled professional person who is proficient in cooking and all aspects of food preparation of a specific cuisine. The word “chef” itself is derived from French term, chef de cuisine, which means the head of a kitchen. Depends on the restaurant or kitchen where a chef works, their jobs may vary, but the aim is the same, organize and prepare a delicious food to their customers. Usually, Chef quality will be measured by the number of customers who return to their restaurants.

Chef Job Description Template
Chef Job Description Template

General Chef Job Description are as follows :
1. Creating regular and exceptional menu based on restaurant theme or special theme.
2. Deciding the restaurant theme as the main theme.
3. Perform food preparation from the beginning to the end.
4. Perform food presentations and set standard for high quality food presentations.
5. Managing employees and any people who work in the kitchen.
6. Spot any problems occurred in the kitchen related to employees, equipment and supplies, and resolve them efficiently and effectively.
7. Maintain well manner personality in front of the employees and customers.
8. Delegates any kitchen task at once no matter how much the tasks are.
9. Improve the productivity of kitchen staffs and employees based on their position.
10. Managing sous chef.
11. Managing chef de party.
12. Maintaining personal hygiene and encourage the employees to do the same thing.
13. Maintaining the hygiene of equipment and the kitchen area.
14. Maintaining high work and standard of safety in the kitchen.
15. Maintaining the quality of culinary and make sure the dishes are served right on the schedule.
16. Approving every food items before they leave the kitchen.
17. Ordering supplies and any raw ingredients.
18. Reporting to the higher level about stocks and supplies.
19. Establishing good contact with the vendors.
20. Marketing.
21. Maintain good relationship with customers.

It could be too many jobs listed in this job description. You can erase all of them and create a new one using a Chef job description template provided for free below.