Certificate of Appreciation Template

This is one of certification templates you can use to appreciate your employees, staffs, students, or any people that have contributed to your organization or company. Since it is created in Microsoft Word, you can use, fill and print it any time you need it.

Certificate of Appreciation Template Word

When people have made a great contribution in their company, school, organization or others, they will be given a Certificate of Appreciation. This kind of certificate is the common way to honor or to express gratitude to the recipients for their contribution. Usually this kind of certificate is given at a reward ceremony in which people are recognized and rewarded for their performance in the company, school or others.

The certificates will contain the names of the recipients and the merit awarded to them. You can find many Certificate of Appreciation templates, with their unique borders and attractive designs, from simple to colorful designs. This will make it easier for you to create formal certificate. You can make this kind of certificate easily once you find or download the design you want. The wording may be difficult at first, but having the template will really help you.

Whatever certificate you are making such as an employee of the month, outstanding students or teachers, sponsorship, they all have almost the same purpose of saying thank you. Certificate of Appreciation is very important to motivate the receiver, and also the others who witness it.  This will create a feeling of appreciation and give pride of the effort they made.