Certificate of Appreciation Template

Appreciation for a merit or achievement can be expressed in many ways. You can simply congratulate the person directly and then give them a hand shake, but there is nothing to remember for that. One of the best ways to give such appreciation is with a memorable gift, trophy, or a simple piece of paper called certificate.

Certificate of Appreciation Template

Certificate of Appreciation is commonly given in many occasions, such as graduation, conference, party, competition, and others. It is usually handed to one or more persons that have a great accomplishment, like being the best student or best employee, or have a significant participation, such as participating in a national conference. Certificate of appreciation is also given to a winner of a competition. People who receive this tend to be grateful and some of them even put the certificate in a frame and hang it on the wall, as a memory of their big achievement.

Certificate of appreciation usually has a big size of font and contains name of the recipient. A head of committee, principal, director, or other top position in related institution usually signs the certificate to legalize it. If you are planning on giving a certificate of appreciation, feel free to use this template. It has sections for name of the recipient, the purpose or the achievement, signature, and date. You may modify this certificate based on your need. This template also has a unique border to make this certificate look better and professional. But if you don’t prefer this border, feel free to change or remove it.

You can use the mail merge function if you need to print it with all participant names at once. You may combine participant data in Excel to this template. You just need to specify excel column header in this template. There are many guidance on how to do it you can find in internet.

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