Catering Contract Template

Catering Contract is legal document that states the agreement in using catering service for certain event. This contract is made to protect the obligations and responsibilities of two different parties in getting their rights. When you are having an event with lots of guests, food becomes a crucial part of it. Using the service of professional caterer becomes the most reasonable solution. In order to protect all your rights and responsibilities, it may be necessary to sign Catering Contract with your catering service. The contract can clearly state what are the responsibilities that you must provide to your catering service. On the other hand, it also states your rights that you must get from the catering service.

Catering Contract Template for Word
Catering Contract Template

Protection Given By Catering Contract
You might think you don’t need to prepare Catering Contract as it’s only small event. However, this contract can give more assurance on the service that you are going to received. You will need this contract for the following conditions:

  • You are going to use the service of professional caterer.
  • You own catering service and want to get protected on your rights in providing professional service towards your clients.
  • You are an event organizer that often use catering service in your events.

What To Write Down In Catering  Contract
The Catering Contract that you prepare must have the following information:

  • Details of the date and time for the event.
  • Details of the menu for the event.
  • Contact information of both parties.
  • Total cost of catering service.
  • Financial details for the payment, additional fees for the service, also payment method.
  • Any penalty for missused of the service, if it’s necessary.

Reasons To Prepare Catering Contract
Despite the common opinion that you only need receipt for getting catering service, it’s much better to prepare contract agreement for the service. In this piece of paper, you have all your obligations and responsibilities that you must provide to your caterer. It also informs the rights that you must received from caterer.

It works the same way as any other legal contract agreement. It’s made to protect both parties’ duties and right on the event. It can get more detail of the event if it’s required. It’s created to ensure the event can be held with no withhold. Everything must be done as scheduled. With Catering Contract, both catering service and event host can directly do what they are supposed to do for the event.

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