Cashier Job Description

A cashier is a person who handles money transaction in various locations in retail industry. In a store, a cashier will have a responsibility to scan, check and calculate items that are bought buy visiting customers, and usually they will use a cash register to help them calculating total transaction. In other countries or places, like bank, a cashier also works as a bank teller. Being a cashier in one company could not be the same with a cashier in other company because of business type and size of the company.

Cashier Job Description Template
Cashier Job Description Template

Below are general tasks that should be done by a cashier:

1. Being able to answer any customers’ question about the products and prices.
2. Provide any information on store policies and procedures.
3. Box, bag, and wrap the items.
4. Prepare items’ packaging for shipment or delivery.
5. Calculate and record total amount of transaction.
6. Count the amount of money in cash register at the beginning of the shift and at the end of the shift.
7. Identify the price of the items, service and any bills using cash register or calculator.
8. Use the optical scanner to identify the price of the items.
9. Greet customers when entering the store.
10. Issue refunds, receipts, changes or credits for the customers.
11. Issue stamps for any coupons.
12. Maintain personal hygiene and check the hygiene of the area.
13. Monitor cash availability.
14. Offer carry-out service to the customers.
15. Receive any types of payment from cash, credit cards, check, voucher, to automatic debits.
16. Resolve any complaints from the customers.
17. Determine the price of the items by weighing the items.
18. Check the amount of cash that paid by the customers.
19. Check the balance sheet of transactions.
20. Mark price on the items and shelves.

Feel free to modify it because some of them might not fit with your current job description. Here is the Microsoft Word version of this Cashier Job Description list.