10+ Business Apology Letter to Clients Templates

It is easier to be said than done. Writing apology letters requires humble words to be written in order to make your clients don’t get more angry with you. Here are some examples of apology letters for many purposes.

Apology Letter Templates
Apology Letter Templates

Apology Letter to Customer for Billing Error

Banks or financial institution are entities that could use this sample to apology for their incorrect invoices.

Example 1 :

Since we value your business greatly, I have been inspecting our invoices to ensure that we have made no errors.  Unfortunately, however, I have uncovered an error on invoice #123456.  Please accept my apologies for over-billing you by $250.

Please discard that invoice and I issue you a correct one, as attached.

Let me assure you that I will personally inspect our invoices to you in the future to ensure that there will be no further errors.  Feel free to contact me at 555-1234-279234 if there are any other issues you wish me to address.

Example 2 :

Thank you for your telephone call yesterday, which prompted me to check our records.  You are absolutely correct.

In error, we have over-billed you by $250 on invoice #123456.  Instead of charging you for the two units you ordered and were shipped to you, we charged you for three units. Please accept my apologies.

I have immediately nullified the incorrect invoice and issued you a new one as attached.

Let me assure you that I will personally inspect our invoices to you in the future to ensure that there will be no further errors.  As our apology, our company has decided to add 2% more discount on your next order.  Feel free to contact me at 555-1234-279234 if there are any other issues you wish me to address.

Apology Letter to Customer on Error in Client Billing Statement

For recurring statements, sometimes, the amount printed automatically is incorrect. It could be due to additional discounts given to customers as part of promotional offers.

Example 1 :

Thank you for your letter of February 14, 2017; you are absolutely correct and we owe you an explanation for our error.

Indeed, your payment was received in a timely manner.  However, our data entry personnel made an error when keying the date of receipt. Your account has been credited $20, leaving a balance of $300 due.

Please accept my apologies.  We will take every effort to ensure that such error does not recur.

Example 2 :

I am writing to request that you discard our statement of February 14, 2017 as we have made a mistake. Namely, that statement fails to reflect your payment of $650 on January 15.

Enclosed, please find a corrected statement, showing a new balance of $650.  Please accept my apologies for the error and any inconveniences it may have caused.

Apology Letter for Late Payment

This is a common letter usually written to ask for late payment permission.

In reference to your invoice #123456, enclosed, please find our check #987654 in the amount of $120.

I do understand that this payment is late and I hope you will accept my apology.  The recent brick-layer strike has adversely but only temporarily affected our liquidity. We do, however, look forward to continued business with you.

Apology Letter for Sending Incorrect Number of Goods

In deference to your valuable time, I would like to get straight to the point and say that we were wrong.

Your purchase order clearly stated 20 units.  The shipment of 30 units was our error.  Meanwhile, there are two options available at this time;  you can keep the additional units and we will bill you thirty days from now, or we will arrange to have it picked up at your
location and issue a credit to you.  Please advise of your preference.

We will do everything in our power to ensure that this type of error does not occur again.  Thank you for your understanding.  If I can be of any assistance in any way, please do not hesitate to call on me.

Apology Letter for Cancellation of Order

This is to acknowledge receipt of your letter of February 14, 2017 in which you set forth your reasons for cancelling your purchase order #123456.

I am very sorry about the misunderstanding that led to this cancellation and have taken the matter up with management in order to ensure that a problem of this nature does not occur again. As one of our valued customers, your satisfaction is one of our primary concerns.  Please accept our apology.

Apology Letter to Sending Damaged Goods

It was distressing to learn that the mug souvenirs we shipped to your company last week arrived in bits and pieces.  Per your request, a new shipment left our location this morning and is scheduled for afternoon delivery to you on February 16th.  Please turn over the damaged goods to the driver at the time of deliver.

I am sorry that this unfortunate incident occurred and sincerely appreciate your continued patronage.

Apology Letter for Inconvenience Services to Clients

This letter should be written after you read bad review of your services, like hotel services, from your questionnaires.

Thank you for taking the time to fill out our questionnaire during your stay with us.  We do appreciate hearing from our customers, as their comments are vital for us to continue improving our accommodations.

The problems that you mentioned have been brought to the attention of our housekeeping department.  While the lack of service you experienced is unusual and not the standard of our hotel, there is no excuse for incompetent attitude on the part of any of our employees.  We are sorry for the inconvenience and annoyance this incident caused. Thank you again for your comments.  We hope that you will give us another chance to serve you.

Apology Letter for Late Delivery

Due to production issues, sometimes you couldn’t deliver your goods at agreed time. Since this issue could damage your business, writing an apology letter to explain your situation could become a good option.

This is to inform you that we are unable to make delivery on the above referenced purchase order on the date indicated.

We should have our merchandise ready to ship within 10 days of the original delivery date and we hope that you can hold off until that time.

We did want to inform you of this delay as soon we were advised in order to give you as much time as possible to make alternate arrangements, if necessary.  We can assure you, however, that if your order remains in force we will expedite delivery to you as soon as we have received the merchandise.

Please accept our apology for this delay and thank you for your understanding.

These are all samples you can choose and use for your official apology letter. Remember to write with your own words to prevent any incorrect subjects.