Bank Teller Job Description Template

Working as a bank teller is not as easy as it looks. First, you have to had a good stamina to keep smiling at people while at the same time you have to be always precise on counting bank’s and people money as well as documenting all related money transactions. These item below are  several duties and responsibilities you will have when you are working as a bank teller. It could be different among several banks, so be sure that you ask your superior before you start working.

Bank Teller Job Description Template for Word
Bank Teller Job Description Template
  1. Receiving and counting cash at the beginning of shift
  2. Receiving checking and saving deposit and verify it.
  3. Examine check deposited and determine proper fund availability based on regulation requirement and complete Hold Notices.
  4. Saving withdrawal processing service.
  5. Identify counterfeit currency.
  6. Cross-sell bank service and product for improving the referral target and bank reputation.
  7. Being able to verify and identify the check validity.
  8. Answer basic question from customer about the bank service, including service charges, account opening process, regulation and customer service policy.
  9. Always smile when handling customer to make good reputation and impression for the bank service.
  10. Knowing all departments that can solve specific problem and question from customer, if it can’t be done at the teller line, also referring the customer to the right department.
  11. Count and roll loose coins.
  12. Receive order and provide service for US Saving Bonds purchasing need.
  13. Sell the credit card service for customer.
  14. Accept loan payment; verify payment amount and issued receipts.
  15. Buy and sell currency from the vault at right amount, make sure the limit of the currency at the teller is not exceeded.
  16. Ensure that the teller station is always full supplied.
  17. Balance and update saving passbook, and provide closing account when requested.
  18. Balance drawer daily, including periodic batching of cashed checks.
  19. Follow all bank procedures and policy.
  20. Taking a chance when there’s education training and course to improve skill and teller service quality.
  21. Ensure that all customer need is fulfilled and customer is satisfied with the service.

You can download the Microsoft Word version of bank teller job description template below.