Babysitter Checklist Template

As parents, you need to give the best time to your children. However, you must work and leave your children at home so that you can earn some money to fulfill their needs. In this case, a babysitter is needed to look after your children while you are away. To help your baby sitter look after your children, you can use Babysitter Checklist as guidance for your baby sitter.

Babysitter Checklist Word Template
Babysitter Checklist Word Template

The template is a comprehensive checklist that will inform your baby sitter on how she can reach you. You can also write the phone numbers of people she can call in case you are unreachable. Then, the checklist will inform your baby sitter about the general condition of your children such as diet, bedtime, forbidden things, and more. The Babysitter Checklist also shows your babysitter what to do in case of emergency. If needed, you can make an emergency treatment release so the doctor or hospital can give emergency medical service by the request of your babysitter.

You will need this Babysitter Checklist especially when you have a new babysitter for your children. Nevertheless, the emergency part of the checklist will always become a good information for your babysitter even though she has been working for you for a long time. If necessary, you can add more information to the list that your babysitter needs to know.

Use this free babysitter checklist template as a guidance to create your own. Some item might not suit with your current condition. Remove unnecessary item and add more important item. Remember not to hand over all of your sensitive jobs to your babysitter. You still need to handle those by yourself.

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