Auto Mechanic Job Description

An auto mechanic is a technician that has automobile knowledge and skill where he has to diagnose and solve car problem accurately and quickly. It is a type of job where he has to stand by in car repair every day. If you are new for this jobs and looking for a list of your jobs as auto mechanic, you can read written items below.

Auto Mechanic Job Description Template
Auto Mechanic Job Description Template

1. Communicate with customers, employee and other for explain information, understand the auto case, take order and complaint from customer for improving our work performance
2. Operate all mechanical equipment.
3. Answer telephones, direct calls and take messages.
4. Analyze the condition of automobile by detecting it from ECM (Engine Control Module).
5. Remove, install, repair and treat automobile engine.
6. Remove, install, repair and treat automobile electronic and brake system.
7. Remove, install, repair and treat automobile auxiliary and entertainment system.
8. Remove and replace defective mufflers and tailpipes.
9. Test electronic component in the automobile to find the error and ensure that the electronic system work properly.
10. Align wheels, axles, frames, torsion bars, and steering mechanisms of automobiles, using special alignment equipment and wheel-balancing machines.
11. Convert automobile fuel system from gasoline to butane gas operation and install the converter tool in automobile.
12. Replace and repair butane and gasoline fuel unit.
13. Troubleshoot the automobile engine, fuel and electronic system.
14. Reprogramming the computer system in automobile.
15. Taking the customer order and understand the problem that they have.
16. Finding all problems in the automobile and estimate the repair and treatment cost.
17. Tune the automobile to make sure that all services that have been given make it work perfectly.
18. Troubleshoot problems involving office equipment, such as computer hardware and software.
19. Testing the new vehicle and record the damage that may found for further service.
20. Find and install new part for replace the old part in automobile for more efficient and better.
21. Keep the customer satisfied with the service.

This list can be shortened or expanded based on your real job description. You can edit it in Microsoft Word file that you can download below.