Auto Mechanic Cover Letter Template

Auto Mechanic is a mechanic which works with cars, where it is usually involved with all aspects or car repair and modification. You usually find these people in service station or car repair location. To start a career as an auto mechanic is not as simple as you thought. With all cars are going to be more sophisticated where all maintenance will be done by computers and machines, an auto mechanic needs to improve his skills to keep the pace with current technology. And when you can follow it well, there is a greater chance for you to work in your dream company. But, remember to write a good cover letter as well as resume to show your experience and skills.

Auto Mechanic Cover Letter Template for Word
Auto Mechanic Cover Letter Template

Below is a sample cover letter that you may use as additional ideas before writing your own cover letter. There is a formatted Microsoft Word letter below that you can download to help you focus only on letter content.

Dear Sir,

Collinwood Auto is one of top company in my city. And, when I look at the advertisement of your company, I have a great interest to be part of your company, also be in the team that makes your company more successful.

I have been worked as auto mechanic for 5 years, and handled many types of cars. I have experience with transmission and engine repair, since 12 years ago when I learn it from my father auto garage. And to improve my skills, I took some courses and being certified as Toyota, Honda, Mercedes Benz, and Buick Authorized Technician.

I am enthusiastic to become a part of your company. I am available to be contacted at (555) 333-0000 at any time. I am really looking forward to hearing from you.