Auto Bill of Sale Template

When you buy a used car, you should ask for an auto bill of sale. It is a legal document made by the car seller for the purchaser. For the purchaser,it is a proof for the payment he made for the vehicle. For the seller, this auto bill of sale is a proof for sales. If you are a seller, you should make it containing crucial information of the buyer’s purchase such as specific date of  the purchase, specific locality, and sum of money. It will become the evidence and also legal document for the transferred/bought vehicle, in this case, the used car.

Auto Bill of Sale Word Template
Auto Bill of Sale Word Template

What Should be Included in the Auto Bill of Sale

When making an auto bill of sale a seller should include the following information such as the name of the seller or the name of the store, the name of the buyer, the price or the sum of money given by the buyer, information of the vehicles (includes date of manufacture, model, and the identification number. The date should also clear and there is signature from the seller and the purchaser.

How to Use the Auto Bill of Sale Template

If you are looking for a ready-to-use one and don’t want to be to complicated by involving legal people, you can download and use this template. But, remember that this template is not an official legal document. Different states or countries might require a more formal document.

To give complete information on the vehicle bill of sale, put your name and the buyer name on the preliminary statement of the bill. In the vehicle information box, write clearly about the car’s information as requested in each box. On the date field, fill it with the current date, the date you sign the auto bill of sale and put your and your buyer’s complete information on the provided information table. Be sure to fill the fields with correct information to avoid legal problem in the future. Check once again the whole bill of sale before both of you sign it.

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