Letterhead Template

2013 Year Calendar Template for Microsoft Word

When sending letters; companies or organizations will need the letterhead that will be one of the ways in identifying if a letter is officially sent by the companies or organizations. This is a way that has been done from time to time and until now is still being used by a lot of people. It …

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Fax Sheet Template

Travel Advance Request Template for Word

If you hear about fax, what may come to your mind in the first time actually? Fax indeed may become on of methods in how people conduct communication whether to inform or promote something. In this case, you need to know that fax may suit as the way people can send printed information to other …

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Beverage Menu Template

If you visit any restaurants out there, you indeed may judge about the quality of such places by its design and the quality of the menu right? Well, for any of you who have restaurant business, you indeed should find any methods in how to enhance your restaurant quality and reputation among society. Besides you …

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Business Card Template

Having a business card is a must if you are a business executive or an employee. It is very important for you to make people recognize you and your company, and also provide your identity related to your business for a better communication. A business card is a little piece that is very powerful because …

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Franchise Contract Template

Freelance agreement template

Buying a franchise is possibly one of the least complicated ways for entrepreneurs to start running a business. When there is already a business establishment that becomes a franchiser and offers its franchise to prospective franchisees, who will then run their business under the franchiser’s brand and using strategies and standards set by the franchiser, …

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