Artwork Bill of Sale Template

Some people like to collect artwork from some artists. They like something artistic and elegant. Most people display their artwork in the gallery and some other will sell their artwork. How about you? For all of you who like to create artwork and you really want to sell it, you must know first about artwork bill of sale template. It is so important to know all information about it before you finally sell your artwork to you buyer. It is different from royalty or copyright since when you sell it, all of rights will be handed over to your buyer.

Artwork Bill of Sale Template for Microsoft Word

In this template, you will be easy to sell in safe way. There are some benefits that you will get. Buyer and seller will get benefits. Seller will be able to know more about their buyers. Buyer can know the detail information about the artwork and the specific information about the artist. There are still many other benefits that you can get when you have this artwork bill of sale. Before you use it, you better know more about this template first.

This template consists of statement of the seller to sell their artwork to their buyer. In this template, the seller must tell the price of the artwork. Below of the statement, there will be detail information about the artwork such as title, edition, medium, date and also size. The seller must complete statement and tell that all information in the Bill of Sale is accurate and also true. In the end of the Bill of Sale, you will see the detail information about seller and buyer such as phone number, address, and also signature.

This artwork bill of sale template is free to use. It can be adopted to other transaction that requires a short agreement between buyer and seller. You can also see another bill of sale template for vehicle.