Architect Manager Job Description

Architect is a type of job that requires a lot of creativity and imagination that can be mapped into real construction building or places. It is not an easy task for an architect to fulfill it. But, once their creation are accepted and praised by lots of people, famous architect companies will look for them and offering the job with very good remuneration. If you are an architect manager who manage other architects, there are additional job you have to organize. It is not just designing things. You can read some of them below.

Architect Manager Job Description Template
Architect Manager Job Description Template

1. Design the architectural plan.
2. Supervising the designer team for better project result and effective working performance.
3. Evaluate the result of the designer team project plan and make adjustment and recommendation if needed.
4. Understanding the client order and need, and create the project plan that suitable with the information received.
5. Maintain the satisfying result from the client
6. Achieve detail information from human resourcing department for recruiting, selecting, orienting, training, assigning and scheduling right employee for right project.
7. Reviewing the growing of the team and add extra training if necessary to improve the working performance and the skill, as well as the quality of the service.
8. Understand the client order and make right estimation for the cost that they need to pay for the project that they order.
9. Increasing the company popularity and reputation by taking any order and request from client and try to complete it perfectly and before the deadline.
10. Supervising the design result from the team, so, it won’t break the law about environment.
11. Improving the job skill and knowledge by participating in any educational event and chance.
12. Confirm the architecture capability and flexibility by creating high quality model that represent the building and taking the validation test.
13. Being able to understand and solve any problems that comes with the project to build the trust and respect from the team.
14. Building the trust and popularity with client by providing best service for client, when taking their order, working out their order and present the result that can satisfied them.

There is a Microsoft Word version you can download below where you can edit those job description to more suited your daily jobs.