Architect Manager Cover Letter Template

Becoming a famous architect is a dream for any architect students who graduate from any universities. To reach that goal, those students have to challenge their minds to keep producing extra ordinary designs. It should start from a small thing but they have to make it larger and larger, until they find their own styles. The easiest one is to start working in a reputable company so they can learn how to work professionally on fulfilling company’s client requirement. When you think you cannot go further, or if you feel that your creativity got stuck, you can think about moving to a bigger company which should challenge your imagination.

Architect Manager Cover Letter Template for Word
Architect Manager Cover Letter Template

Remember to put all of your achievement and skills in your resume, and write a good cover letter along with the resume and other documents. If you are looking for a sample, you can download the Microsoft Word template below. If you are just looking words ideas to be written in the letter, you can read this one below to give you some ideas.

Dear Sir,

I am interested on the advertisement for the architect manager position in your company, StrawHat Architecture. This brief explanation about my experiences and skills can become consideration to hire me in your company.

I have been working as the architect for 5 years. I was responsible for the success of Manhattan Building project, Memorial Hall project, Sea Style Festival project and many more. I have been awarded the best designer in year 2011 for the Eco design of Manhattan Building. My S2 degree in Architectural field has helped me to achieve the better mindset of designing which could help me to contribute more on your company.

I am enthusiastic to become a part of your company, so I would like to have a deeper discussion about this position. You can call me at (999) 333-0000. I am really looking forward to hearing from you.


You can download the MS Word version below.