Apartment Cleaning Checklist Template

For janitorial service business, you need to make sure that all workers work well and everything is clean. When you have a cleaning project in apartments, you need to give your workers an Apartment Cleaning Checklist as guidance and assurance that every item needed to be cleaned in the apartment is clean.

Apartment Cleaning Checklist Word Template
Apartment Cleaning Checklist Word Template

The template is Apartment Cleaning Checklist for common apartments. The upper part is information about the apartment and the cleaning time. This information is useful when you need to make a report. The main part in the center of the paper is a list of items that require cleaning. Your workers need to check for each item after the cleaning process to make sure everything is clean. When they find something that has not been cleaned yet, they can immediately clean the item. Using the checklist, your workers will not miss a thing in the cleaning process and your client will satisfy with your service. Of course, some item might not suit with your apartment item. You must customize it before you use and print it.

If something happens in the middle of the cleaning process such as finding some cleaning problems, your workers can make a note on the Apartment Cleaning Checklist so it will be easier to communicate them with your clients about what happened. You can modify the checklist by adding your company name and logo to have a more professional look.

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