Alabama General Affidavit Forms

These are affidavit forms that you can use if you are living in Alabama state. Affidavit is defined as a written sworn statement of fact voluntarily made by an affiant or deponent under an oath or affirmation administered by an authorized person. Such statement is witnessed as to the authenticity of the affiant’s signature by a taker of oaths, such as a notary public.

Alabama Affidavit Form

There are many variations of affidavit forms. You might find state policy of writing affidavit are different. Check your local policy if you are asked to create or sign particular form. Below are several samples of affidavit forms for Alabama. They are in PDF and Microsoft Word format but hey are not allowed to be modified because they are officially written by particular parties. You may print and make copies for filling your information. These forms might changed over time due to changes in policy. You may check their official site for the latest version.

Affidavit of Seller’s Residence

This form is released by Alabama Department of Revenue. It is to be executed by the seller and furnished to the buyer to establish Alabama residency, so that the proceeds of the sale of property are not subject to the withholding laws of Alabama state.

  alabama-affidavit-of-seller-residence.pdf (439.4 KiB, 601 hits)

Affidavit of Heirship

This form is used when a loved one dies and a person is the rightful heir and chooses to bypass the probate process in order to obtain possession of real estate.

  alabama-affidavit-of-heirship.doc (63.0 KiB, 611 hits)

Affidavit of Small Estate

This is a document that can be used if a spouse or family member passes and there is less than twenty-five thousand dollars of total worth of assets in their estate and no will was made on the part of the decedent.

  alabama-small-estate-affidavit.doc (39.5 KiB, 597 hits)