Accounting Staff Job Description Template

Accounting Staff is a position which usually requires a conscientious person. It also requires a deep understanding on financial and accounting topics where usually most of companies are hiring people with financial and accounting background to occupy that position. This Accounting or Accountant Staff job description below is a collection of staff’s tasks that could be used as a reference for your company and for you as an employee.

Job Description Template - Accounting Staff
Accounting Staff Job Description Template

Accounting Staff Job Description:

  1. Preparing debt payments journal entries in month-end and year close, processing and reporting financial data
  2. Provide accurate accounting and analysis for several program areas
  3. Inspecting the review of monthly report of expense allocations such as salaries, occupancy, benefits and insurance
  4. Being responsible for making sure about the accurate and timely billing of all cost of service grants of the company
  5. Making financial reports such as fixed assets, interest, account, deferred revenue, receivables, contribution revenue and reconciliation.
  6. Preparing monthly financial statement or annual financial report for the end of year company meeting
  7. Being responsible for analyzing and interpreting accounting information in order to give an appraisal of operating result which related to the actual results against budget
  8. Effectively analyzing the corporate internal controls and performing the comprehensive audits for some departments of the company
  9. Recording the financial activities and preparing the financial statement of the company
  10. Monitoring the program of company budgets and contracting the report of the requirements.
  11. Actively involving in the making of program budget and the actual of preparation to anticipate the future company plan
  12. Creating the company of journal entries related to the acquisitions and disposition including the allocation of purchasing
  13. Preparing the reconciliation process for assigned accounts in the year-end company meeting
  14. Developing and managing the assigned program budgets so it can be reviewed by the Director and Finance Department board.
  15. Reporting the variance analysis of financial statement and monthly written report result
  16. Preparing and maintaining monthly cash flow statement which is made along with cash reconciliation

You can download the Microsoft Word version below where you can customize it to suit your department requirement.